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The LION range of underlays

The Lion range of underlay is manufactured using raw materials including Jute and Hair fibres. All the raw materials in the Lion range are 100% natural fibres. Lion underfelt is ideal for contract carpet installations as in provides a dense, firm support to the entire carpet. It is available in all the standard contract weights.

Lion 32
Lion 42
Lion 50
Lion 56


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The needleloom range of underlays are manufactured from recycled textile fibres and woven polypropylene tape. The fibrous content of the underlay is normally a blend of animal and vegetable fibres with a small proportion of man-made material. All needleloom felts are subjected to a series of tests including 'Flammability' and 'Resistance to Compression'. The test results relate directly to BS5808: 1991 ~ Underlays For Textile Floorcoverings.

We manufacture needleloom underlays at any weight required from 20 to 60 oz. Prices and individual specification sheets can be obtained from our sales team on request.
minimum quantities apply – generally 1000 sqm


QUALITY The Lion & Knight Range of Needleloom Underlays

WEIGHT From 26 to 60 ounces

GAUGE 8mm – 14mm depending on quality

SUITABILITY from Domestic to Luxury
All Ratcliffe’s Underlays are suitable for use in any environment including stair nosings

Special blends are available including a "hair rich" underlay to provide greater comfort and extended durability for use under any carpet. For more information please contact our office to speak to one of our representatives or e-mail at the address below.

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